So is there really nothing to do in the tomb colon

ies, along the lines of the “meeting a repentant forger” or … I don’t even remember what you could do in a dream… I know you could get coins, and something else…

ANYWAY, is there nothing like that? Just grinding watchful and such? I looked on the wiki(s) but it didn’t seem like there was anything…

Nope. There’s nothing to do there. Unless you’re collecting Neathymon, of course, in which case there’s a tomb-lion available, but otherwise, nothing. It’s a purgatorial location after all, where you work off your accumulated Scandal. It’s not supposed to be nice.

Fair enough- but you can do stuff in nightmares, and in jail, so I figured… Well, w/e. thank you.

Since the last update, you can increase your Connected: Tomb-Colonies there, opportunities for which are very rare elsewhere in the game.

Occasionally I go to see my Once Dashing Smuggler again. Usually while picking up a tomb-lion, but not always. (Sometimes I am that bored and willing to do in-character things for the hell of it.) It’s nice that it’s become a decent way to increase Connected: Tomb-Colonies recently though.