So I guess I found FL's New Game+ ?

To be more precise: I’m now a New Arrival. New Arrival 2, to be precise, but that’s because I got the opportunity card about choosing a starting profession already - which means that before I clicked on that, I was on New Arrival 1.

And yet, despite having apparently only just arrived from the surface, I am a PoSI, own a ship (a majestic yacht no less), own a room at the Beth and Premises at the Bazaar, have a Newspaper and my own Gang, etc. etc. etc.

Am I the only one experiencing this very strange occurrence?

EDIT: so I just clicked through the &quotA word about menaces&quot card… and A New Arrival was reset to 1 for some unfathomable reason. I think it’s time for a bug report.
edited by Dudebro Pyro on 9/15/2016

Weird. I started seeing “Adopt a Profession” again this morning–I think they changed the requirements to include Obscurity or something, and as an unintended side effects even veterans started seeing it again. I sent a bug report about that, but my “A New Arrival” quality stands at 4.

Oh. I thought I got that card because i’m approaching (slowly) POSI levels and it was a pat on a back along the lines of &quotgood little newbie, coming along in the world&quot. I had New Arrival at 4, after choosing the only available option - One Step Ahead (you already have a profession) - it gave me a cup of coffee and reset the New Arrival to 2. It did say something along the lines of &quotyou are not new anymore&quot, but I didn’t save the text.

OK, so it looks like clicking “I already have a profession” sets A New Arrival to 2, so you don’t draw it again, and then you can draw a card about menaces, and clicking “I’d rather figure this out on my own” removes the “A New Arrival” quality completely.

So it’s better than my assumed scenario where clicking the “I already have a profession” option does nothing and I’m just stuck with this card forever. I don’t know why I jumped straight to that, but anyway–looks like this isn’t a bug, just a new implementation of A New Arrival that causes some oddness for people who aren’t new arrivals.

Quite. After having the Profession card set my New Arrival to 2, the first Menace card I clicked on set it to one, and the next one I drew removed it completely. So that’s sorted.

Good to know I wasn’t the only one though.