Snubbed by the Masters?

Hello there! I’m trying to raise my Connected: Masters of the Bazaar so that I can start a salon. But I’m pretty sure the Masters are ignoring me now. During the affair of the box, I ended it in Doubt Street and since then I’ve heard nothing from them. I’ve not seen an ‘invited to the revels’ card in… I can’t remember how long. I’ve also had over 4000 proscribed texts for weeks and I’ve seen nothing from Mr Pages. Have I angered them so much that they’re ignoring me? Was I told at some point that this would happen, and I just ignored it or forgot?
edited by Josh Harbord on 7/1/2015

You cannot permanently burn bridges with any factions (excluding Glass / Shroud), and publishing a very special edition only reduce your connection by 2 CP only.

So the answer is RNG - you got unlucky drawing cards.
edited by Estelle Knoht on 7/1/2015