Snow, and gifts from Mr Sacks!

[color=#0066ff]Christmas in the Neath! Hark to the tuneless singing of urchins. Wade through a drift of what Londoners pretend is snow.


Starting at noon GMT today, Time, the Healer will bring ‘snow’ to the doorsteps of London. You’ll need to dig your door out, or find a helpful soul to assist you.

You may even spend Fate to employ a certain cowled assistant - and earn unique seasonal Home Comfort items!

Acquiring pails of this so-called snow and learning what you can about it will unlock a selection of seasonal benefits at the end of the season, when Penstock’s Wicket opens on the 6th of January.


The urchins have got their hands on Mr Sacks’ terrible sack. You can draw a gift from it (or send one to a friend) - for a price, of course.

Buy a lucky dip in Mr Sacks’ sack for yourself, or send a lucky dip draw to another player! There’s a snippet of story for each prize. Begin with Explore the festive season, available throughout London.


The Fallen London advent calendar continues! Each window is only around for a few days, so check back regularly to receive all of the various treats.

Christmas cards are still being delivered by Time, the Healer! We encourage you to reach out to a new player with a card and a friendly greeting, in the spirit of the season. Find new friends on reddit, twitter (using #flcards) or here on the forums.

Look for Explore the festive season throughout London to take part in the seasonal fun![/color]
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Thank you Madam Flynn!

I’m kind of curious as to what might happen if I get my path cleared by a Master of the Bazaar, since I still have A Courtesy Returned from last year. Then again, I don’t want to A) screw anything up or B) waste a bunch of Fate, so I guess I’ll get last year’s Comfort now.

Speaking of: any new Home Comforts this time around?

E: Have released my poor, shivering postman from his duties. Is there any way to thank this brave courier for patiently waiting at my doorstep for one full year? Maybe I should go back to Nuncio and sort some letters for them.

…I’ve always kind of wanted some kind of Destiny based off of Probably a Coincidence. Don’t touch that clapper, now!

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Is Snowbound going to trigger for everyone on Noon GMT again on the 21st, 28th, and 4th?

Wow, my very first Christmas in FL! Sounds really fun, so I’m looking forward to it (and figuring lacre out, too ☆)

Two new home comforts.


Is Snowbound going to trigger for everyone on Noon GMT again on the 21st, 28th, and 4th?[/quote]

I think not, because of this quote :

Ah, then I suppose today’s snowfall is a freebie, to be snapped up soon if Time is just around the corner.

How delicious then, since TtH comes tomorrow for me.

– Mal

So I’ve noticed that there are two new items available with the Incaradine Fur Robe. Without specifics, they seem to increase one base Characteristic and one point of BDR. One from Mr Cups, one from Mr Spices

Well, I just spent far too much Fate - well over 100 - on drawing from the Sack, and managed to draw only things that I already have. All hail the RNG, I guess!

But the things that I don’t have look so great, guys. So great.

Wohoo! Time to strap on the wellies and start harassing the Urchins.

If anyone has time, I too would appreciate a pm about the new home comforts - I may need to nab another night whisper!

Ooh, I think I got a new item from the urchins! It’s not particularly useful, but I don’t see it mentioned anywhere else, so I’ve displayed it on my profile

@Titus Andronicus: yep, that’s a new one. Mentioned in the other thread, as it happens, but congratulations!

– Mal

Wonderful News indeed! I look forward to making new friends, as my friend list is so small right now! I love this time of year!

Well I chose one of the new Home Comforts, the one from Mr Spices. It is currently on my profile, if anyone wishes to see it.

Oh! No, just an image manipulation in reference to the (fatelocked) Probably a Coincidence and Backstage.

I rather imagine that it’s what would happen if you trip up over your robe while leaving the Bazaar with your gift! Crushing the Bazaar and destroying the Neath is, of course, the One True Destiny that everyone is working towards (if only to get those extra points of Bizarre).

[quote=malthaussen]@Titus Andronicus: yep, that’s a new one. Mentioned in the other thread, as it happens, but congratulations!

– Mal[/quote]
Which thread is that? I can’t seem to find it, and would love to pry into what other fate-based content FL has to offer around Sackmas.

Just so everyone knows, a certain Tiger is eligible to receive gifts for Sacksmas…

– Mal

So, what exactly do I need to do to get one of those nifty five-card houses? I know there’s an option, but I’m not sure what I need to acquire before the sixth rolls around.