SMEN, First steps

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So I received just the very first step, dream related one; as being watchful, I see the third one regularly… but how may I find the second one? Any specific requirements for places and/or characteristics?
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Kharsirr, the SMEN storyline has been suspended for now, pending revision. So you probably won’t be able to continue it at present, and if somehow you’re able to, it may not behave as it should.

Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name has been (hopefully temporarily) stopped while some issues are sorted out.
Be glad, you have been saved from terrible folly.

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There’s a guide on the Wiki to see what you would do if SMEN was available, but if you were able to take that first option (rather than just see that it is there, but locked) you should report it as a bug.

A Question: If a person were to become Free of the Name, would he/she/it still remain Scarred, Stained, and Chained?

You only lose your Scars, Stains and Chains if you quit Seeking via the Nightmare Carnival. Scars can be removed in Flute Street for a little Fate, though, if you really care enough.

Hmm, I forgot about the Nightmare Carnival. I was planning on jumping the Seeking ship soon, but not after I justified purchasing my soul back by staining it seven times (and so I could have a perfect set). I do want to visit the Nightmare Carnival though, as I heard it’s very good.