Slowcakes Exceptionals card

Has anyone else found that its frequency of occurence has dropped off rapidly int he last week or two?[li]

I’m fortunate to work where I have free reign over a computer, and can play throughout the day - so I get to flip plenty of cards on any given day.
The gentleman used to come buy more regularly than I had ‘Making Waves’ to transfer over.

I’ve now had a couple of weeks where the new mechanic of losing scandal, irrigo, wounds + making waves & notability have come and gone - and he hasn’t shown up at all, in any location.

Can you now only access him via a fate expense from your lodgings?

…I’ve stopped using my orphanage to boost my Making Waves as it’s far too expensive to risk no payoff. I can get about 10 Making Waves purely through opportunity cards in a given week, maybe more without it though, and he doesn’t show.

To the devs, if you have dropped the frequency of the card, may I humbly suggest it’s now too low. At least as far as someone who has the option to flip cards all day can tell, after a couple of weeks.

You can force him to come through Society and Scandal without any Fate cost. I also think this is a case of the RNG being cruel towards you, since the card seems as frequent as it has always been.

At no point would I ever have called this card frequent. It’s always been painfully rare for me.

Yeah, I only just found out (by hunting through things) that if you go to “Attend to Matters of Society and Scandal…” in your lodgings, having Making Waves 15 enables a storylet that allows you to instantly draw the card by spending a miniscule bit of that Making Waves.

It varies some weeks I haven’t seen him at all and my Notability has dropped, other weeks I see him two or three times. That’s the RNG for you:)


Thanks to all for the rapid and informative replies, but especially this one.

I’d forgotten it was there, as it used to just be a quick way to ‘shrug off scandal’. Much obliged.

Yep. I kinda wish it wasn’t buried that deep. Ah well. (And yeah; it’s bizarre, the rate of coming. I JUST drew him, after attending a Salon. I wonder if the arrival rate is tied to your Making Waves? Is that even possible? Maybe it’s just random.)