Slight bug I encountered related to menace...

I was doing my civic duty in the labyrinth of tigers today, mercilessly killing every devil I saw, but, after a good bout of murdering, I noticed that my wounds quality had gone above 8. I think that pressing &quottry again&quot, rather than &quotonwards&quot, does not check to see if your menace qualities are above eight, and here I am, essentially dead, still able to murder devils do long as I don’t repress &quotonwards&quot, only &quottry again&quot[li]

Can anyone else confirm this? Or deny this? The bug seems to be pretty big, but I might just be the only one who has encountered it.

I can confirm that. If you click the myself tab you’ll be able to drink potions of vigour as well, should you wish so.

I’ve used that trick a couple times early on while attending church to lower my Scandal. A bit of bad luck is annoying, but at least it’s possible to avoid exile if you never actually leave that church until your reputation improves.

It’s not a bug, that’s how it is supposed to work. It’s a pretty well known feature amongst long term players. Think of it like a final gasp. Your wounds get too high but in the last moments before death you chug the emergency health pot you’ve been carrying around ‘just in case’. Or your scandal is too high so you take sanctuary in the church until it blows over, but the moment you step outside there is no going back. In your case with the devils I suspect it’s like an adrenaline rush keeping you fighting even after you’ve passed the mortally wounded phase. The second your fight or flight reaction drops, so do you. It can get a bit obscure sometimes, but overall it’s a nice thing to have and can be made to fit the world and narrative.
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That makes sense I suppose. Well then, the devil murdering shall go well into the night! I AM ONLY MURDERING YOU BECAUSE IF I STOP, I WILL DIE!

Ah, after getting to wounds 10, I was put in a situation where I had to press continue and dropped dead. It was fun while it lasted.

I think you may just have capped out Thwarting Beastly Devils, as it can’t go beyond 6.

Yup, that’s what happened. Does anyone think that the labyrinth of tigers storyline ends a bit early? It finished rather abruptly. Is it not done yet?

It’s not finished yet, and there’s the fate-locked story/beasts there as well.

So Fallen London isn’t complete yet. Do we have any idea when Fallen London will be finished?

Fallen London is part of an ongoing story.

The flagship product of Failbetter is not likely to sink any time soon.

On the other hand, to inquire after when the next release of content is… “soon”.

So… do we know when more content is coming?

For the labyrinth: probably not that soon, there’s other content first. Other content is brought into the game once-in-a-while, though.