Skipping content accidentally, or senile?

I don’t seem to be finding any Numismatrix related content. Is there any way to check my qualities to see if I’ve met her and forgotten and am just being unlucky with cards, or whether I’m genuinely still waiting to find this person?

(On a related thing, i’m probably too high to get the card to do work for Mr Pages / ascend the list of the Reliables - but is there any way to check whether i’ve done this and forgotten? I’m struggling to get my connected to masters above 2 - and only achieved that via my precious books collection …)

If the Local Gossip at your lodgings still offers you the option of starting the Numismatrix storyline, you obviously haven’t started it yet. If that option is no longer there: go to the Myself page and check your &quotSpending Secrets&quot quality (look under &quotStory&quot). If you have Spending Secrets 1, you’re waiting for the Numismatrix to call on you. Don’t worry, she will come! If you have Spending Secrets 2 (or higher) it might actually be a case of senility… :)

Oh, and while you’re there you can also look for a quality called &quotascending the Reliables list of Mr Pages&quot. If it’s not there, you can also start that particular storyline on the &quotCities that Fell&quot opportunity card (you’ll need &quotWalking the Falling Cities 5&quot).
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Oh, interesting. Apparently I’m at level 3 for Mr Pages. Guess I’m just not going to get on well with the Masters, then …

And spending secrets 4. Who would have realised?

Guess I’m being card unlucky or doing something wrong - cannot work out how to get a mark of credit.

Senile it is. Knew it.

thank you!
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Oh, to actually start the Mark of Credit loop, you need Counting the Days. The easiest way to get this is by interacting with your Acquaintances.

A little off-topic…

If you have a little Fate to sink - and as long as this number remains below 4 - perhaps you may find it to your profit to attend another Revel as guest. One never knows.