Skin of The Bazar Fate Option removed?

Okay, so disclaimer first of all: i think I picked this option already so if it fades after the first time I apologise. I hope it marked it down somewhere.

if however you can pick it more then once, or I have not… it’s not there.

Would you care to elaborate? What is this option you speak of?

Do you mean the option that unlocks as a result of the Secrets Framed in Gold storyline? If so, I’m pretty sure you can only pick that option once. All it does is update one quality, so I’m not sure what would even happen if you could pick it multiple times.
edited by Zantumall on 3/31/2016

If it was possible to do the option more than once it would do nothing more than set your SFiG quality to 60 again.

Also, it’s not possible to do again, I watched fallingkitten do that option recently, it’s unlocked with SFiG 54 exactly, so 60 wouldn’t unlock it or even make it visible.