Sinning Jenny in the Mutton Island [SPOILERS]

Alright, not in as much as spoilers, but still. If you didn’t return a particular wimple that had seen things it cannot unsee, then shoo! Go away, preferably to catch a bigger fish.
I wanted ask my fellow Londoners for an opinion. ( it must irritate the ‘real’ Londoners endlessly ) Why do many Masters agree to her reforms?
Let me speak frankly: I voted for Jenny, but not because of her campaign promises nor her winning personality. ( though she is very charming… Um, where was I? Ah, yes! )
It appears my ‘fluff’ reason was almost identical to what Jenny thinks Masters’ plans were: a distraction. I will elaborate more on how they want to achieve this later. My reasons were simple: her campaign was the least disruptive of the three candidates. Bishop would disrupt soul trade by his mere status as the Mayor of London ( or so I believed; we’ll never know. ), while Jovial Contrarian is cordial and educated, still is a revolutionary and might ( really big might, I speculated about it in the buried Revolutionaries’ goals topic ) be a member of Calendar Council. Both figures would attract the Masters’ attention to the civil matters, and the Masters’ attention is a bad, bad thing, however much Connected:Masters you have. Jenny was at first running under Mr Wines’ patronage, so I thought: why not? If she does make Fallen London a better place, so much the better.
Well, I’ve broken out of character and advised her to change her direction, but I really think it wouldn’t matter either way. I thought Masters would use her not to change anything dramatically but, so to speak, satiate the citizens’ hunger for change. However, Jenny thinks their plans are more sinister…
What about you? What did you advise to the first Mayor of London? Proceed on speculations, delicious friends.
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I advised her to stay her course, mostly because I want the citizens to get some benefit in this shadow war and also because The Masters are pretty divided on this issue. (The issue is the war between Stones and Irons) Granted, my character is usually anti-masters, but believes we need a better infrastructure in place to rule London after they start killing Masters. I never said Dirae Erinyes was the most practical soul.

Well, it’s no secret that Mr Wines supports Vake-hunting. Whether he wants to see it succeed, or simply wants to see the practice continued indefinitely, is a matter of some debate, but his assisting the Sisterhood is nothing new. Likewise, Mr Stones’ difference of opinion with Mr Fires over the future of the Bazaar’s relationship with the Fifth City is well-known. Disrupting Mr Fires’ business interests by advancing the rights of his workers might, therefore, advance Mr Stones’ agenda. Personally, I think it’s a cause worth advancing for its own sake nonetheless - the Masters are always plotting something amongst and/or against themselves, and we can try to cross their schemes when we come to them, but it’s not worth sacrificing the welfare of London’s poor for the sake of indirectly sabotaging just one of them.