Sinister Schemes of the Bishop?

I bought the Fate-locked Theological Husbandry recently, on the advice of many people here. The opportunity card said it would have &quota menagerie of beasts to breed, and the sinister schemes of the Bishop&quot (or some such thing). I’ve bred all of the beasts–just got my Bifurcated Owl–but I haven’t seen a hint of the sinister schemes of the Bishop. Is there somewhere I need to be looking? No spoilers, please, but if someone could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.[li]

In addition to its own opp card the Obdurate Stallion unlocks another card that begins the story.

Ah. I’ll have to breed another Stallion, then. Thank you!

I also highly recommend breeding another Ocelot ASAP. Not only does it require the easiest beast to obtain, but its fairly common card has an option that gives a point of SotC up to 10, which is definitely the easiest way to raise it that high.

Once you actually have SotC 10 though, it’s a rather underwhelming card.

I am curious about when you do get to make your choice, if you go through with things is there a card that will let you continue show up, or are things not that far along? I only ask because how long it took me to get the one card.

Once you draw the card to start the story, there are various cards that raise the quality until you’re forced to choose who to side with. For me the story continuation cards were more common than the beginning one.

After you make your choice to side with is what I was wondering about, because after being told to wait and not tell anyone I was hoping something will happen sooner or latter. Because I do want to help with preparing for what is to come even if it is d____d insane overall.

That part of the storyline isn’t finished yet. We’re all waiting for it to continue after making that choice.

Good to know, and I look forward to see what happens with it, I just hope I am strong enough by then not to die and/or loose my soul.

Finally drew the card that starts the storyline, and wow, that was not the scheme I was expecting. Very interested to see where this goes.