Silly Question

I haven’t yet chosen an ambition, but I’m considering a couple. I was wondering if once you finish an ambition, you can do another one. Thanks!

At this time none of the Ambitions are completely finished, and I don’t think we’ll be able to start another Ambition even after finishing the old one.

On a related note, Light Fingers gives you some Lethean Tea-Leaves, which allows you to abandon one Ambition to take on another. You’ll need to give up the item to progress further into that ambition, but if you simply wanted to give it a test run you can do that up to a certain point.

To answer your question directly, there’s also the option to reset your ambition by using Lethean Tea-Leaves. This is available on the Fate (formerly Nex) tab, and costs 50 Fate to do so.
So even if you proceed further down the Light Fingers ambition than Sara Hysaro has mentioned, you can still change it.

A suggestion: Take whichever seems most interesting to you and don’t worry too much about the consequences. One of the things I enjoy about Fallen London is there aren’t many ‘wrong’ choices (including being stabbed by the locals). So I suggest exploring whichever ambition takes your fancy, and live without regret. ^_^

PS:- What I’m planning on doing myself at some point is creating another character to try a different Ambition. (Maybe even take on a different approach to the game, like do no immoral/illegal actions, or work towards being a criminal mastermind, or get myself invoved in the great game rather than having avoided it for the most part, or have a Rubbery Man companion, etc.)
This will mean as new content is released for this character’s Ambition I’ll be able to continue both Ambition stories.
Having said that, I’ve been playing for almost a year and I haven’t run out of stories yet. :-)
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Creating an alt is definitely the best way to experience all the ambitions, though I wouldn’t recommend doing so right now. Wait until you’ve hit a bit of a content barrier in the game, then you can start a new character and appreciate the old content with all the late-game revelations in mind.

Just finished editing my comment and saw the above. (This is VERY good advice, btw. :D )

I speak from experience! I got hooked on this game and created an alt for each ambition early on in my adventure. Big mistake. I soon got overwhelmed and dropped all but my main. Much later on I slowly worked my way up to 4 accounts again, and it was a lot easier to deal with.

I don’t think there is any official word on what will happen after you conclude your Ambition, but if it doesn’t end your story entirely, I don’t see why you couldn’t buy Lethean Tea after the end and start again on another.
While drinking the tea takes away all quest-specific items, I would guess that the final reward is, to some degree, universal (valuable items, echoes, etc) and won’t be taken away.
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What I did was make alts, leave their tender skill sets to the stat increase from the starting professions, and then wait until I was finished with everything else on my main account. It means you won’t have to wait for a particular stat to reach the next bit (unless you have to sail overzees)[li]