Sidebar Snippet Titles

Some sidebar snippets get a different title if you record them in your journal. Is this new?

  • What’s the problem with the Second City? → A touchy subject.[/li][li]Smiles at Christmas → 3 out of 10 seems fair.[/li][li]What happens when you die in Fallen London? → Don’t try this at home.[/li][li]Where does the river go? → How do you steal a river? [/li][li]A thing citizens tell gullible newcomers → This probably isn’t true.[/li][li]Snow in the Neath? → It’s fine as long as you STAY INDOORS.[/li][li]Which cats know most? → I can haz secrets?[/li][li]What can you find at Watchmaker’s Hill? → Watchmaker’s Hill: for all your fungus, monster and sinister cult needs.[/li][li]What happens at Wolfstack Docks? → Wolfstack Docks: for people who treat bar-fights as a hobby.[/li][li]What is Charley Square? → Why can’t they just rant on Facebook, like everyone else?[/li][li]The Starveling Cat? → Yes, it can haz cheeseburger. It can haz anything it wants!

And many more! (I’d claim that I’m not replicating them all so you can experience the joy of discovery yourselves, but honestly I’m just lazy.)

Unrelated discoveries (did everybody else know about this?):

  • The mantelpiece and scrapbook status can also be changed by clicking on the icon on the profile page.[/li][li]It’s possible to get to the storylet options from the main view by clicking on the icon instead of the ‘Go’ button.

I think that’s old, or at the very least not recent. I didn’t know about the profile trick though! Neat.

I didn’t know about the title changes, but the profile trick is old news to me actually. Clicking the picture instead of ‘Go’ was implemented last christmas I believe?

The changed titles for the snippets annoy me, because the text often builds directly on the title, and when the title is changed, it’s not always clear what the text is about. So then I have to manually replicate the original title for the journal entry, since I obviously want to know what it’s about if I ever go back to read it.

Clicking on the Scrapbook icon in my tabbed profile saves a lot of time when checking for values for airs and bundles. But I never click on the images for storylets. Always the &quotGo&quot button. It’s the only way to be sure. (No, it isn’t. But it feels that way when the same image is used for a lot of different stuff. I expect that from words, but images are supposed to be unique. Like faces! Though obviously I know that it’s not feasible to have a unique icon for every storylet. But it’s how my brain is wired for the real world where an image can be used to identify stuff. Not so easy when the same image is used for different things.)