Shunned by society

Or so it seems I am as there were no polite invitations for about three weeks already, whilst they were appearing somewhat regularly before. So I wonder if it is merely a lengthy stroke of bad luck, a peculiar reaction to my recent obsession with obtaining ray-drenched cider as soon as possible (with all unwelcome events that accompany this process and occasional trips to Mirror-Marches) or something else entirely?

It’s bad RNG. They are definitely still being sent to people, so they haven’t been discontinued, even people who have more than one ray-drenched cider and high menaces.

It’s just a matter of luck, unfortunately. Sometimes the RNG decides to withhold cards you enjoy for a little while.

Thank you for dissuading me from my fears. I’ll keep waiting and cursing my luck then.
edited by Talkes on 6/18/2015