Should Nemesis give better rewards?

[quote=Aro Saren]
You can always Seek a certain Name…[/quote]

I’ve been putting that off because I think that will be the end of play for me and I want to wait until I am ready. I don’t have time to play much of an alt, but I think going north will come in due time.

As to ending the Marvellous: it would be fitting to add an option to end the game by yourself, even after winning. To justify: your heart’s desire isn’t something set in stone, it can change, as you yourself change, for example, by learning about Beechwood’s story.

Yes, I was surprised that there wasn’t an option to do that.
In many ways, Tigerfort-in-Fallen-London’s ideal choice for HD would have been KNOWLEDGE (or perhaps UNDERSTANDING), but I can see that those would be rather difficult options to implement in ways that made any sense at all from a game perspective. (I eventually settled on the Mr Cards route, as providing time and opportunities for gaining both in a way that the others didn’t.)