Should it be possible to redo the wars of illusion

So, unless the wars of illusion end up being like the Fate locked portions of Secrets Framed in Gold, shouldn’t it be possible for us to redo them and re-align with a different side, or try and stay in the middle along with M. Pleat, similar to how you could choose and undertake the Big Rat storyline again after it had ended? Of course this will incur a Fate fee, but unless there’s a compelling reason to keep these choices locked and final I don’t see why this shouldn’t be available to players who want it.

The Wars of Illusion are poorly named. A &quotBrief Impasse Between Illusionist Hacks&quot would have served the purpose of naming this content. I mean really, you go with the cat people or you go with the bat people. Some like mirrors, some like smoke but really they just don’t do anything at all. I don’t remember what any of my characters chose, it was just a bit of a diversion to introduce us to the cutthroat world of stagecraft. We haven’t really picked a side yet, because the moment it does become relevant we will get the option to leave said faction.

edited by Owen Wulf on 7/5/2015