Should I keep these cards?

Hello all,[li]

I’m rather new to this game, so sorry if the answer to this is obvious, but I am currently holding two cards and don’t know whether I should discard them.

One is a regular card called ‘Whispers from the Surface: The Great Game’; the other is a bronze card called ‘The Neath’s Mysteries’. I don’t have the stats to use either of them (I can use ‘Neath’ if I can get ‘Walking the Falling Cities’ or ‘Touched by Fingerwork’, though I don’t know how to do either of those), but I don’t want to discard them if it’s impossible for me to ever get them back.

So… can someone offer me advice? Thank you!

Those cards are fairly common ones. Discarding a card never permanently removes it, either; they’ll always turn up again.

Thank you! You are excellent.

Trust me; you’ll get to a point where you wish some of these cards would stop coming around. :-P