Shadowy is so darned hard to raise! Why??

It seems to me like there are bumps in the road every step of the way.

Grinding it inevitably raises Suspicion as you fail from time to time even on 95% chance. And suspicion is by far the hardest menace to lower, there’s no easy grindable option to lower it like with the others (wine, church, bed/lumps).

Unlike the other menace places, going to Newgate repeatedly gives you a permanent quality that punishes you.

Loitering, as opposed to the other three social sources of second actions, is also punishing.

Why is that?? Even one of those would be an unfair disadvantage, but combined, it almost seems purposefully difficult. :c Am I missing something?

i think that’s because shadowy is very good for grinding things (my opinion) and no, suspicion isn’t that hard to lower, you can get the absolution in the bazaar that is the best menace lower

I find Persuasive the best money-maker myself, but I agree with Wraith, Suspicion is not hard to lower. Not only do you have Absolution Solution, but if a friend or two has a newspaper, you can lower it by granting an interview about your ambition. Agreed, there is no &quotgrind&quot to lower it, but I have never had any trouble managing it, or other menaces if it comes to that. Well, I did go insane the second day I played, but I was new then and looked in the wrong mirror…
I agree, Loitering is strange. I’m sure many people have lowest Shadowy because of that. Do you have a mentor?

– Mal
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mal, which persuasive grind are you referring to?

You can also confound the constables at Opportunism in Spite to remove Suspicion for free.

I think it’s hard on purpose since it unlocks a lot of carousels such as Thefts of Particular Character that gives you access to relatively high-tier and expensive items.

I’d say raising Shadowy is hard only until you get access to the Flit, which makes perfect sense as as a fledging lawbender (or breaker, but that would make you a criminal, and we’re all good&honest folk, aren’t we?) you simply do not have all proper contacts to operate without attracting too much attention. So you may want to make that one a priority.
Even so, Ablution Absolution is by far the most powerful conventional menace-reducing item and is a fairly good investment of echoes. Especially after you’ve become POSI.

Wraith: at my level of PoSI-dom, writing music at Court gives 1.36 EPA, and is a simple grind that also improves connections a little at the end (for reaching SotC, it is vital, of course, but after that, choral symphonies have no downside at all). There are more profitable grinds (as with Thefts of a Particular character), but the music one is straightforward, as long as you can get your Persuasive to 167. As a bonus, it is a short carousel, only 24 actions per symphony to turn 30 echoes.

– Mal

[quote=Pyrodinium]You can also confound the constables at Opportunism in Spite to remove Suspicion for free.

Just to clarify this - the storylet is airs of London dependent, but at least it is now always available where previously it disappeared above a certain level (in fact, it was the occasion of the purchase of my first Talkative Rattus Faber).
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it’s fairly easy if you don’t care about MWs or your Connected: Society, and find like-minded players to send social actions to. You can also use the trade secrets to raise it, though it’s more profitable to turn them into enigmas.

post-POSI, you can raise it slowly while getting a decent profit with grinding the Affair of the Box.

Ohh, I thought confounding the constables still worked only up to a certain level of Shadowy… since I didn’t see it anymore in Spite… but that’s because it hid in Opportunism. That makes it a bit easier; I know about the AS but I’d much rather spend actions than Echoes, as I always find myself in excess of the former rather than latter.

I’m a PoSI, and of course have Flit unlocked. I’m just mildly frustrated with the fact that when it comes to other stats, I can freely tackle Very Chancy challenges then grind away the menaces from failures, and risk pretty much nothing permanent if they went too far (or even look forward to it, Tomb Colonies etc. are fun!). With Shadowy, the criminal record is something to avoid. But eh, I guess now I can grind suspicion down as well, even including the additional actions to change airs.

So I guess it’s alright!

It’s a change which came with the Making your name trackers; I wish there was an equivalent mini AoL section for Watchful. One thing interesting is that its successor Storylet in the Flit ( suspicion removal by paying rats) is gone when you are done that section.