shadowy carosel

is there a carosel storylet based on shadowy somewhere?

Want to grind my shadowy up

Big Scores in the Flit and Wilmott’s End certainly have the opportunity for some Shadowy grind, and Mahogany Hall is a good (and very profitable) place to grind it as well.
edited by Pnakotic on 7/19/2016

The Affairs of the Box in Spite is another classic shadowy carousel (and one of the most profitable in the game once you get your shadowy high enough).

I’ll second Affair of the Box. It’s how I got up to 200 shadowy.

War of Assassins can work too (and every other stat, for that matter). The problem with that is you have to wait a real long time to cash in (and spend all your tomb colonist favors).
edited by Kaijyuu on 7/20/2016

Heists end with a Shadowy +20 CP bonus (though the actions in a heist itself don’t generate any).

If you have someone to do social actions with and don’t mind losing making waves and society connections, getting second chances through social actions and trading 5 for stats in your lodging is probably the fastest way to get a stat up.

unfortunately, it’s generally the dullest as well. I would like to remind you of the potency of the shadowy-boosting options on cards. Specifically, urchins offers +10 cp shadowy for 6 cp urchins and an action and a pittance in glim. consult with a master theif gives 109 cp shadowy for 5 criminal favors, if you want progress badly enough.