Seven days until Sunless Sea: De Gustibus

Does anyone know how many days these storylets will be available? I’m far away at zea… :(

[color=#C2B280]All codes and any storylets they unlock will be available for at least 48 hours.[/color]

Too bad for me it doesn’t stay a few days more…
Since I probably won’t have the opportunity to make it in time, would you be kind enough to tell me what happens if I give them some violet amber? :)

Ah, De Gustibus. We meet again…

I don’t see any new options relative to last year, so the real question is: Should I get a second copy of the Crimson Book?

Decisions, decisions…

Oh god, I kinda want the book but it took me long enough to get the blood the first time. And that was when the tears were easier to get from the Nadir.

If I get it now, replacing the blood could take the next year!

But I’ll probably do it. :)

I finally got the book! And I’m very close to a replacement bottle of Master’s Blood too. All the Lacre hunting this Sackmas has paid off.

I’ve echoed a few of the results in my journal ( - I think it was 3 echoes for Violet Amber.

I was coming here to see if anyone knew what happened if you gave them Master’s Blood. Now I just have to work up the courage to do it…

What is so interesting about the Crimson Book? Does it possess something in value (I mean besides selling it for profit)? I am just curious.:)
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It’s an item you can’t currently get anywhere else. I’m sure there will be another source when the item becomes useful, but a lot of people (myself included) like having items for the sake of having them.

I gave them my cave fish from halloween, and got a magnificent diamond.

I see, sounds legit enough to me. :)

[quote=CulturalGeek]I gave them my cave fish from halloween, and got a magnificent diamond.[/quote]I gathered 23 extra cave fish during the first Hallowmas, but didn’t sell any of them. During this last Hallowmas I gathered 47 more, and now I’m going to trade most of them for diamonds. Because they don’t seem to be that lucky for burglars.

Such a pity that De Gustibus came before the Feast of the Exceptional Rose this year, since I’m all out of Pickled Liars’ Tongues from the last feast. ;)