Server timer off?

Time the healer’s come a little late. Also, I got a mood this morning, and it’s still going strong after 7 hours.

I’ve got an account waiting on Time the Healer as well.

…Shh, don’t complain about such gifts.

I might be trying to hit my next point of Notability before Time shows.


Never mind! I was trying to use a mood, but it didn’t kick in. I’m off to file a bug report. Complain away.
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Well, Time the Healer came around, finally. I suppose my little joke in the House of Chimes really did have its effect. How splendid!

[color=#C2B280]Our living story server has not been entirely punctual of late. We’re keeping an eye on things: it’s now dealt with most of the back log and, barring further mischief, should be fully caught up by sometime tomorrow.[/color]

I am still waiting for Time the Healer.

But I have got a mood card in my hand and am wondering if it is actually bugged as someone said earlier. So is it worth risking using it straight away or should I just keep hold of it until the server catches up?
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Well, I got a message saying my Mood had run out. I just never got any bonus to my Dangerous :(

You did equip the mood hat, right? I often enough forget to do so and waste the mood cards for nothing.

Stupid question probably but did you get the hat that you need to equip in order to use the mood?

No? I wasn’t aware that there was a mood hat. From what I’d read, I thought it was just a thing that happened.
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Sorry to say it doesn’t just happen - you have to wear the item to get the stat boost.

Time, the Healer is late for me, too. It should have come about three hours ago.

edit: funny thing, as soon I posted this, Time the Healer came. I swear it did that on purpose.
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Does the game mention that you need to equip the hat it gives you on the cards? Because especially given the fact that they aren’t particularly obviously HATS it could be an issue

No, I didn’t see anything about equipping anything.

Time the Healer is at least 8 hours late for me at this point.

Looks like my Healer is lost well by 6 or more hours now

Well, Time came early for me over the weekend - right in the middle of my item conversion to get enough MW for Notability 12 spree! Oh well.

Mine’s also running late i think. (though I can’t remember the exact time it’s supposed to come I’m pretty sure it was earlier in the day than this)

Right now it’s over 18 hours late for me…

Yes it is way off, my alts were supposed to get it yesterday but no sign of Time:(