Server Performance Issues?

Has anyone else been having trouble with sporadic server slowness. It seems like much of the time things move at normal speed. But sometimes I open a storylet or pick an option or attempt to draw cards or just hit the page and everything will freeze up for up to a minute or two. Then things will go fine until the next time it happens. Sometimes it’s an isolated incident, sometimes it’s every other click and renders the game practically unplayable. Worth noting this is the Web UI. I’m not using either of the mobile apps.

Has anyone else been encountering this or are the servers just out to get me?

Others are experiencing this issue as well.

Well, now I can’t load the storynexus at all. But I’m glad it’s not just me and my abysmal internet connection.
edited by Art Shrival on 9/14/2016

Constantly. And it appears to be totally down now.

– Mal

Down for me right now. Sadness!

It’s not just you. They are out to get everyone.

As of right now, FL is completely dead - instant blank screen. Not even an error. Or at least not one you can see - &quot503 (Service Unavailable: Back-end server is at capacity)&quot is what is actually coming back.

But in general, response times have been fluctuating between barely tolerable and unplayable for a while now. Maybe adding Android app into the mix was what pushed it over the edge.

It has happened before. Then it got sorted out, and was super fast for a while. Now it’s not again. Such is the life of web apps…

It was being slow for me. I tried restarting my computer and now when I try to go to the website, it just shows a white screen.

The Sixth City has fallen! We’re in the lacre!

It is currently working for me, although very sluggishly.

I’m w. Gazter, getting slow, reaaalllllyyyyy sllllooooooowwwwww responses.

It has indeed been rather slow today, and appeared to have crashed for a brief period a few minutes ago.

Sluggish on my phone. Impossible on my computer.

I feel like it’s been getting increasingly slower over the past month ago. Tonight Fallen London is unplayable.

I just came here to start this thread. Extremely slow for me the last few days. Most clicks takes at least twenty seconds to resolve, and sometimes they just hang until I refresh the page.

The only thing worse than Luck Challenges on the Winking Isle is slow luck challenges on the Winking Isle. Failbetter, please buff your servers.

Yes, the FL server/s is slow. My husband complained about it yesterday, and it had its slow spots then, but it’s positively glacial in speed right now.

Interesting. My husband found it impossible to play on his phone and a bit–but only a bit–better on his computer.

Same here. I thought it was my Internet connection.

I’ve also found it unplayable at times for about ten days now. Screen hangs, images fail to display. It seems especially bad in the early morning, when all those turns are just a-waiting!

It has been struggling lately. Someone needs to apply more Duct Tape to the poor thing.