Sent Bug Report: Entertaining Timer

I have sent a bug report, but I really want to know if anyone is having this and having silly feverish fun with it.

At this time of writing, there is an entertainingly silly glitch that is causing the Action Point Counter and Opportunity Card stack to refresh to full upon reload of the Fallen London webpage.
edited by babelfishwars on 11/21/2017

Without full reload, it seems points and cards have a refresh time of only one minute.

Yeah, it’s crazy. I don’t know that Failbetter’s staff or hosting partners did to break this.

On the other hand, it’s damn near unplayable now. The site is slow to process actions.

I don’t know about reload and refresh, but instead of ten minutes there seems to be only one minute until a new card and maybe action point. And the lag is getting worse.

EDIT: And now instead of less than a minute until next card/action point, there’s 15248986: 33
edited by Gillsing on 11/21/2017

Same issue here and loading gets harder and harder!

EDIT: Oki, looks different as in even the AP are whacked: Next in 8192636:32
edited by Skinnyman on 11/21/2017

Same here

I have also reported this. It’s a mess.

Good news: there is now only 9472741:09 until my next action!

At this moment, the timer has gone bonkers. Looking at the multi-digit number of minutes, it won’t be until next week that I would get a new opportunity card or action point.

This is so crazy! XD

Nevermind, the counter has reset to 1938319 minutes…
edited by Gerlak on 11/21/2017

Next in 13710760 34

this is interesting. looks like we might be seeing the Treason of Time in action.
edited by Sidolbert on 11/21/2017

As a temporary fix they seem to have made cards/actions refresh once every 20 years instead.

Ditto. I hope this can be fixed soon.

The refresh rate is now 2294162:35 for me

“Time will die. The Chain will end.”

I can’t imagine the frustration of players whose characters are now stuck in the purgatory states.

No kidding! I just converted the number of minutes to years and it’s a quarter century.

It’s not so bad at all. Just 37 years until a new card and a new point.
Time will fly…


4 cards waiting! Another in 1995388: 07

Really sad I couldn’t get the best out of it…the counter ‘fixed’ a few minutes after I discovered it…bugger