Sending items?

Dear delicious friends,
Which items can be sent from one player to another?
I only know of the first city coins.
Dr Angell

The Starveling Cat!
The Starveling Cat!
Can be sent between players
As easy as that!

Also Rats on strings and Second chances (both from gifting card)

and jewels from the same card.

If you have a Parabolan kitten that can be gifted to another person.
edited by reveurciel on 8/11/2015

The jewels Lady Ciel mentions are:
[Sapphire]x3, [Venom-ruby]x3, [Flawed Diamond]x3

Although it’s not an &quotitem&quot, Fate points (in lots of 100.)

Parabolan Kittens can be sent between players.
(While I expect the metaquality for Sunless Sea is retained after trading a kitten, I haven’t tested it myself.)

I forgot to mention the great gift giving festival - The Feast of the Exceptional Rose. The Neathy version of Valentine’s Day … though it lasts longer than a day :)

Thanks everyone!