Send me your Scandal!

Title says it all. For the next few days, I wish to raise both my Scandal and my Making Waves. Being duped for Scandal will do that, if slowly.

(Apologies if there’s already a thread for this - I’m sure there was, if only because I’m sure I’ve made this plea before, but I couldn’t spot it.)

No worries. I will get all three of my characters to send you scandal whenever I can. =)

Wow, many thanks to everyone. I have been overwhelmed with Scandalous requests. No more, please. :)

I should be pleased to accept any scandal over the next few days… A quick visit to the tomb colonies is in order.

Oh good. Maestra Valencia’s scandal was starting to get out of hand.

[quote=Glass Doll]

Oh good. Maestra Valencia’s scandal was starting to get out of hand.[/quote]

Thank you for your kind donation,

Thanks to all who’ve kindly tarnished my reputation ;) After several trips to the Tomb Colonies I am now trying to avoid the place so I will no longer be accepting scandal except from close acquaintances.
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Please bog me down, too! I’d like to hunt a certain hol(e)y monster overzees, and my own ship’s crew would never follow me to Venderbight, I suppose?

Edit: I made the voyage quicker than I expected. To whomever it was who told me, thank you for the modish bonnet/scarlet stockings suggestion. Polite society fell upon me with a vengeance after I put those on.
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Edit: Done! I’ve also sent you Wounds reduction(s) as a thankyou. :3
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Please send me your scandal. I will be happy to reciprocate with wounds reduction or other exchange of your choice.

It seems I was too late…well, if you or anyone else is in need in scandal I have too much of it for my own good ^^’

Feel free to send it my way.

Sorry, I was briefly otherwise engaged after failing a heist. But still in need of scandal!
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Quantities of scandal required – all offers accepted until further notice.
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A visit to the Tomb Colonies is urgently required – all scandal will be gratefully received. (That darn lion escaped last time…)

I’m currently looking to make my way to the tomb colonies, any scandal you can send my way will be greatly appreciated.

If any of you are looking for a quick trip to the Tomb Colonies, might I suggest writing a certain ribald ballet at the Empress’ Court (if you have access, of course)?

yes, but this is more fun and it helps other players as well.

The Primogenitrix has some urgent business in the Tomb-colonies, so she’d appreciate some Scandal sent her way (incl. dupes)!

:edit: Thank you all, that did it! :)
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My alt is on it once you’re back from…zailing, I guess.

My seeking friend Mr Salts can’t get enough of the tomb colonies. I wonder what he found there that is so interesting to him…