Send me your scandal!

If there is anyone with excess scandal they’d like to offload, I would be more than happy to accept.

Are you still looking for Scandal ?

Yes please!

Hm, well actually I just finished getting rid of it. But I’m dabbling in the Foreign Office at the moment, and that generates a lot of scandal, so when I’m done there (or when I’m about to get exiled) I’ll send you scandal !

Much appreciated.

I’m another looking for scandal - send me some in the next 24 hours and I’ll be happy to pooh pooh any rumourous lies for you!

I wanted to send you Scandal this morning Tymek, but you’re somewhere else. It’s okay, though, I’m going to wickedly betray navchaa instead.

What Lemexis said…

navchaa will never trust anybody anymore.

I was horrified and perplexed at first, but the boost to making waves, especially after going for an oh so decadent evening with the Bohemians. I made such a splash that a certain Sluggish Confectionery’s Assistant had no choice but to hurry along to award me yet another point of notability. Now to find the next hapless one to pass on the whiff of notoriety.

(Scandal dumps no longer accepted, thanks all.)

Sorry folks, I finally had made it to the tomb colonies. Thank-you all for your assistance. I no longer need scandal, although I would mind taking some on if someone is in dire straights.

Hope you had a profitable trip Tymek…Happy to have betrayed you navchaa…now on to the next poor soul…

I would very much like to receive any scandal!

Thank you all for your help! I am now seeking to offload my scandal.

Anybody up for receiving scandal?

I’d love to take some scandal off your hands. Send me social actions and I’ll take them till my trip to the tomb colonies.

I need to make a visit to the Tomb-Colonies and could use some Scandal to make that happen. If anyone needs help alleviating their own Scandal, send a request my way!