Selling a stained soul?

Is it at all possible?

My soul has no less than 7 stains on, due to unmentionable and currently impossible former depravities.

No more starveling cat options are available with that number of stains, and devils either turn their noses up or reject former intimacy when I try to sell it the old-fashioned way.
Is there a way to unburden myself despite the 7 stains, (which I really don’t want to give up)?

I believe that with a Fate-locked option at one point (Hallowmas, I think) it was possible to sell even a stained soul … but it didn’t end well for the people who did, in the end.

Be glad that you can’t sell your stained soul. Really bad things can be the result.

My thanks for the information - that is a fearsome price to pay.