Sell All? Please?

A teeny button that will let me sell my 581 Moon Pearls without typing in numbers?

Oh my God no! That is my absolute nightmare because I’d be bound to click it accidentally.

I have made some truly catastrophic misclicks in my time (see, for example, earlier today) and risking doing something epically stupid every time I went to the Bazaar…

edited by Lady Eris on 6/27/2015
edited by Lady Eris on 6/27/2015

“Are you absolutely sure you want to sell all 2386574 Rat on a String?
Yes / No”

You’re only allowed to sell 60,000 of any item at a time, so I’m not sure how well a sell all button would work.

It could simply enter either all your items or the 60,000 max. into the number field and then require one more click to actually make the transaction.

So you go to sell your 2,386,574 rats on a string and hit the sell all button, and it puts 60,000 in the field. Then you click one more time to sell the max of 60,000 rats. Hopefully that would make awful mistakes less likely, and also make the transaction cap visible and easy to understand.

I get why this sounds like it would be a good idea, but I agree with the others above. It’s bad enough that I risk selling the location of a certain Cave every time various opportunity cards show up - I’d hate to sell a ton of resources accidentally because such a button existed.

Sometimes I want to sell 20 of an item, just to get me up to the right amount of Echoes for something. If there’s a “Sell All” button, there NEEDS to be an “Undo” button.

On computer, mis-clicks happen but aren’t so likely. (So far I’ve only wasted 12-13 Fate through mis-clicks.)
But on my phone, using the mobile browser? If you’ve ever tried using the Travel function without zooming in, you already know this is just ASKING for trouble. :-/

^ Just my 2p.

I think a button that sets the “how many” field to the max amount would do to make everyone happy, as Sackville suggested. Doesn’t make it appreciably more likely that you will accidentally sell everything, since you would still need to click to confirm, but makes it a lot easier to do so if it’s what you want to do.
Hopefully the eventual presence of a phone/tablet version of the game will make concerns about phone misclicks etc less of an issue, but that’s a someday thing.