Seeking the name...

I started seeking the name a few weeks ago. A foolish thing to do, I know, but I can’t resist its temptation…

Anyway, I got the quality up to 3. Now, if I understood it correctly, I need to wait for opportunity cards until I get it to 6.

At first it worked alright. I got one card every day or so.

But two weeks have passed since I got my last Seeking the Name card, and I still don’t find another one.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that I accidently dropped my Unaccountably Peckish to zero? Does it prevent me from continuing the search after the name?

If not, can you think of any reason it happens to me besides bad luck?

Thank you very much in advance.

Yah you need uncountable peckish way up. It’s used for a lot of things in that storyline.

Thank you, Delicious Friend.

I believe that to get from 3 to 6, there’s an option in Mahogany Hall, don’t remember which day, I think it’s Saturday? It does require Peckish too.

It’s a Saturday, it’s painful and it’s one of my favourite pieces of writing.

I think it’s just bad luck, to be honest. I found I got a card every few days, sometimes less and sometimes more. Once I had to wait over a month for another card, later in the search. Just be patient and another’ll turn up eventually! :)

Lady Red - This time I think it was not bad luck. I got one of those cards immediately after I raised my Unaccountably Peckish back to one :)

Additionally, you may or may not want to hold onto your soul if you’re to be seeking its name.


My soul was… misplaced after a dear meeting with a deviless. Will I need to get it back to progress during the point where I’m collecting the Scars and Chains?

Glad you got another card! Could very possibly just be coincidence though. As I said, the cards sometimes come fast, sometimes frustratingly slowly.

Myke - you will need to get your soul back, yes.

Drat. My character needs to make a big decision then, since he is finds the idea of getting his sold back a poor trade, but wants to know the secrets of the name, and why others don’t want him to know…

My character had a similar choice… long since lost is soul (by accident no less!), as such I had to take the fated path to get my soul back, just so i could continue on this soul rending, body bleeding, mind mashing that is the quest for The Name.

Good news is you only need to pay fate once, once you’re on the hunt for the name, a non-fate soul retrieval is available, for those who manage to have a sufficient number of [color=#ffffff]Starveling Cats [/color]at hand.

With “The Body and the Number” is there an option which give a sure result or are they all uncertain?

Only the first option, and maybe the last option, are luck challenges. Using the knife is a sure result.

I’ve never run across any opportunity to seek the Name.

If you have Unaccountably Peckish 1+, and have dreams about Death by Water ([color=#ffffff]the dream in particular is unlocked at 7[/color]), you will eventually come across a dream of your home. It’s an uncommon dream,to start quest, you’ll need Unaccountably Peckish at least at one, otherwise the dream will be, rather ordinary (chocked full of nightmares, but who needs a good night’s sleep in London?)

Be patient like all cards in this Seeking the Name saga, can take days or weeks (depending on how unlucky you are) to even see.

You can also start the path at the Wednesday show at Mahogany Hall, with a sufficiently high Unaccountably Peckish. But why would you?