Seeking the name. Volunteers for betrayal.

This is a list for people who want to be betrayed with SMEN. This requires you to not be seeking the name and have watchful at 30. Accepting this invite with give you SMEN 1. I’ll try to keep the list updated when people start accepting them, so there is less confusion. So please say if you betrayed one of the people on this list.

If you have access to the forgotten quarter, there is a step there that will allow you to begin SMEN without being betrayed. At this moment, SMEN is active
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So… I feel kind of weird asking you fine people here (since this is only my second post here on this forum, I’m more active on Reddit), but… I would like to volunteer for this too. I have the right stats, am a POSI and managed to get my UP to 7 a few days ago (might be useful - who knows?).

I volunteer for this as well.

Count me in. Better we discuss volunteering here than the main thread anyway.

I don’t think things will be as they were, but a very nice initiative. Could you elaborate on betrayal? Is this the only way to start Seeking?

I will definitely be embarking on the path (after accidentally reducing my Persuasive to 214, not like I care about much anymore).

It is not the only way to start. But it can be the easiest at certain points in the game. You can find the other ways in the Mr. Eaten content thread.

Well, not sure I understood the rules, but count me in. Not understanding the rules of SMEN is part of the hazard, is it not?

SMEN coming back?

  • SO hyped for the destruction of my character

Watchful 125, SotC 6.
Ready to lose it all.

This shouldn’t be in the salons section.

Me aswell. Pain is fun.

Always, always, always I am, have been, will be ready

Always my love, my love, my love

Please betray me.
I have been waiting so long to destroy myself.

Add August Reave to the list, please! He’s been waiting to self-destruct for a while now.

The step at Mahogany Hall involves eating a magician’s rabbit if I remember correctly.

Wednesday at Mahogany Hall is still locked (or rather, does not start SMEN) for the moment, is that correct?


Looks like Mr. Eaten has started messing with the forums!
…I’ll move it

Looks like Mr. Eaten has started messing with the forums!
…I’ll move it[/quote]
But it was already moved! :P

(Also you missed me.)