Seeking greater ties to revolutionaries

Any of you chaps know the best place one might raise Connected: Revolutionaries?

I’ve been away from the neath for a while and just recently returned. In my rush to try out all of the new content, I’ve been trying to claim a profession from my dear friends in the movement, but alas it seems my connections are too tenuous and none of the expected sources (the recurring Plotting Against the Masters opportunity or siding with them in box-related intrigues in Spite) do anything to strengthen those ties. Any suggestions on where a fellow might raise this quality to 25?

Have you tried the Bringing Revolution option that shows up in the Flit when you have Casing 5? I think that might increase your Revolutionary connections.

Yeah, that’s how I grinded Revolutionaries. Keep in mind this will be slow, even if you do have a gang of hoodlums. Pick the blow up financiers option, it gives you about 100CP with modest at 12 casing. Also, the Singing around the well card gets you a good amount of CP if you pick “convince the rubbery men to leave.”
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The best way for me has been to game the omnipresent connection cards that offer “Some loss of this, greater gain in that.” One is invariably easier to get than the other, so if you play them right, all your connections trickle up at a nice steady pace without much effort.

For Revolutionaries, the Amber in the Well card is very common and works… well.

These cards used to be a terrible deal before they were fixed, so if you’ve been gone for a long time, you might not have noticed the change.

The greatest Demagogue of our age went into this in great detail here.

Many thanks for all the advice.

Well, looks like I’ll be off to the flit for the foreseeable future. Those bankers won’t bomb themselves.