Seeking Gems

[li]Welp. After throwing a few sacks of Glim at her, the Keen-Eyed Lapidary is ready to make me a swag cane, and truth be told, I’d rather get her out of my opportunity deck as soon as possible. I have dreams to hunt.

The problem is that I have one sapphire, no rubies, and no ostentatious diamonds, and the only options to get these are either very up-to-luck, or above my level. I do have enough flawed diamonds, but that’s it, unfortunately.

So… if I could be so bold, I’d propose an exchange of sorts. If somebody were to gift me the jewels I need, I’d be very happy to arrange something in turn. I can send you a few gift boxes, I can spoon soup at you every time I see your Wounds rise above three, I can try to find you an Eyeless Skull… anything, really. Within reason.

I hesitate to ask at all, but none of the close friends I have playing this game are much further than me, and I just can’t find a way to obtain the items I need at my level, barring selling my soul. Which I’m not particularly keen to do.

I will be happy to send you a few gems. I married a jewel thief and that’s all the lout is good for. Expect some in a few moments.

I’ve added you to my contacts. I will be happy to send you gems when the opportunity to do so presents itself. (I can’t figure out how to do it without using the commotion in the quare of lofty words card).[li]
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Eep, thank you! <3 Is there anything I can do in return?

Not a worry, my good fellow. When you’re in a good position in the game yourself, pay it forward. :) Do you need any more, or have the ones I’ve sent gotten you what you need for our friend the Lapidary?

Is pickpocketing in Spite considered luck based? I find that it’s a pretty decent way to get the jewels you need at low levels. Takes more actions than getting them from somebody else, but it’s pretty fun if you haven’t tried it yet.

I’ve never done the pickpocketer’s promenade. Can you find jewels there?

I’m lacking one sapphire, two rubies, and an ostentatious diamond at the moment. If I can find these in pickpocketing, I’ll gladly do so on my own rather than mooching off other players.

Also, thank you all so much for your helpfulness! Also to esteemed Mr. Mercutio for his gift of shinies. For lack of anything else I can do at the moment, he can expect alarming amounts of soup to be forced upon him whenever his wounds rise above 3.

Yep! Sapphires, Rubies, Flawed Diamonds, and Ostentatious Diamonds, all wrapped up in the same reward.

Ooh! Thank you, then. Adventure it is!

It’ll mean sacrificing a few potential opportunity cards, but self-sufficiency is a goal I aspire to. :P

Good lord, I’m getting so many dream cards lately. Except the ones I want.

Glad to have been of help! Good luck with the Promenade; I’d recommend checking the wiki for the best way to get through it to the gems you need. I don’t remember off the top of my head how many pickpocket’s trophies you need to get gems. If you need another package of gems sent your way, send me a PM!

Apparently, I’m going to want twenty trophies. If I pull that off, I’ll have enough.

Thank you again!

Edit: Finished the promenade with exactly 20 trophies! A little curious - I took the longest route, and yet I started with five Progress. Still, I managed. Thanks for the help, everyone![li]
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