Seeking Friends and Protégés of Integrity

First, let me introduce myself. Amongst other things, I am a well-travelled Zee captain, a Correspondent, and an Extraordinary Mind. There are few locations which I haven’t explored, and none which I don’t intend to visit. I seek to understand those who are different, and to uplift the downtrodden. In short, I am a scientist and a philanthropist.

Today, I am addressing an exclusive group of players - those who eschew the monstrous practice of stealing souls.

Do you value humanity above profit, and are you willing to act upon it? If so, I would like to become your friend and ally, and I invite you to contact me.

If you are a less experienced player, then I also offer you my patronage, to improve your Watchfulness. To become my protégé, please display a Shepherd’s Timepiece* upon your Mantelpiece, and send me your Calling Card.

I look forward to hearing from you.

*from the fate-locked Soul Trade story

The Lady Jasmine needs no tutor, but is always willing to align with those who fight against the evil that is the Soul Trade.

I am intrigued and delighted to learn that Lady Jasmine shares my concerns. May our allegiance prove to be a strong one.

I would be careful of announcing your membership in that particular organization so explicitly - the Masters frown upon interference with spirifage.

That being said, I have sent you my card, and look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome, Zantumall.

Indeed. There are risks in taking a stand against the powerful. But to hide in fear - or worse, to collaborate - is far more dangerous.

To remain human, we must reject the stark choice of roles: prey, or predator. There is no third path except resistance. To remain silent is merely to postpone the moment of choice. An illusory choice, since spirifers themselves are prey.

We must defend the essence of our humanity : our souls.

Hmm, I am no spirifer myself, nor a CV, but why are you interested in stopping the soul trade? As far as I know, there are no harmful side effects (I retain my soul, but know many devils and souless) and has been a boon to London’s economy so far. London’s public would be more sympathetic if you had evidence of harm from soul loss apart from ‘loss of humanity’s essence’.

No evidence of harm apart from ‘loss of humanity’s essence’, you say?

The Brass Embassy gives apologists for Hell such splendid training. Aha ha ha.