Seeking Certain...Materials for a Scientific Quest

Good evening, my oh so delectable comrades!

I am in need of some help. I’ve heard that there is need for a scholar to cross the Unterzee in the name of scientific progress, however, a certain sour-faced, sneering gentleman refuses to give me my invitation! I have gathered many materials to help…convince him, but I cannot seem to find any blackmail material on the gentleman. My hope is that one (or more) of my fellow Londoners might be able to point me in the right direction.

After all, it is for science!

You can get Blackmail Material through the Velocipede Squad at, I believe, Ladybones Road. Requires high Dangerous (not sure what the requirement is, probably about 110 or so?). Choose the ‘Attend a Funeral’ option at the end of a cycle. This method is not available if you have already turned in the Velocipede squad for their thuggery.

There’s also an opportunity card that gives you 1 blackmail material in exchange for 25… either incendiary or intriguing gossip, I can never tell them apart. It’s not that common, you might have to flip cards for forever to find it.

Ah. I had seen that option in the Velocipede squad quests, however, it had a high (very high) Persuasive requirement (an oddity, amongst all the Dangerous quests). I shall endeavor to raise my Persuasive to higher levels then.

Thank you for you kind assistance, friend!

You may have some luck by joining a Club, as well.

You can also get it in the Foreign Office by talking to [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Mr. Huffman[/color] at the end of a cycle. But since you have low Persuasive that probably won’t help you much right now.