Seeking a mass of loitering requests for training.

I’m seeking anyone who would be willing to send or accept many requests for loitering, so I could train up my shadowy.
Of course, I wouldn’t mind the other requests as I’d like to keep everything up to par.

I’d be happy to.

I would, but Zee voyages and notability grinding will keep me away for a while. But when I’m done, I’ll definitely contribute some loitering.

Seems like notability really is the main reason, people don’t loiter.

That and if you have a Salon as well it cuts your connected Society. I will accept the occasional Loiter but I’m at Zee just now, grinding my shadowy on Mutton Island. I’ll be back in a day or two as Time the Healer comes tomorrow for me so feel free to send me an invite or two then.

I need to build up my shadowy, but can’t afford to lose my notability, so go ahead and send me a few invites.

I am always happy to practice stealth.

I really need this too (trying to get to Shadowy 100) so I’d be happy to!