SecularMissionary/RevolutionaryFirebrand (Solved)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done anything with the stories involving the Secular Missionary and Revolutionary Firebrand, but I’ve just arrived at the Cave of the Nadir for the first time.
The first card I’ve drawn &quotSpeak to the Missionary&quot appears to affect which one I favour, but for the life of me I can’t remember much about these two characters. (No irony intended - I have only just arrived here for the first time, after all.)

I think the Secular Missionary was trying to find her husband (though I don’t know if anything much was said about him), and I’ve no idea what the Revolutionary Firebrand’s motivation is.

Could anyone please remind me what’s going on re: these characters and what we’re doing amidst the Irrigo?

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[spoiler]Okay, so the Missionary and the Firebrand used to be a couple of con artists, scamming people around the Surface. Sometimes they’d be brother and sister, sometimes a couple… they might actually be married, I don’t remember exactly, but does it really matter? They’d present themselves as advocates of various good causes, just as they do in the Neath. What they’re really here to do, however, is discover the secrets of the Nadir, and pass them on to the Revolutionaries - the Firebrand seems genuinely devoted to the Cause (maybe) while the Missionary seems mostly interested in the money.

Edit to clarify: The Missionary was looking for the Firebrand because he was the one with the route to the Nadir, but he had second thoughts about unlocking it with her.[/spoiler]
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Sir Frederick is absolutely correct, this is to add more detail.

[spoiler]The Secular Missionary hired you to find her husband (the Firebrand). You assented either for the money or because you thought she was attractive, or both.

The Firebrand you were introduced to by your Revolutionary contacts. You struck up a relationship either because you thought he seemed attractive or useful, or both.

I’ve echoed the results of my choices through the storyline, tagged with [Firebrand] [Secular Missionary] and [Nadir], if you’d like to do some reading, the meet at my Lodgings begins here:

Since you brought the two of them together, you’ve been forced to side with one or the other, but you’ve had multiple opportunities to switch whom you favor, usually by sleeping with the one you aren’t currently favoring.

However you may have felt about either of them, they both see you primarily as a means to the end of reaching the Nadir, and were only willing to put up with one another because neither alone could reach it. Both believe the Nadir to be some sort of weapon against the Bazaar and the Masters; all three of you are about to learn what it actually is.

The final choice will be when you exit the cave for the first time, and is an autofire storylet.[/spoiler]

That makes a lot of sense. Thankyou to you both! :-D