Hi everyone! I’m new to this forum (my first post is this one) and I have a question - What is the fastest way to get the biggest amount of Whispered Secretes / Cryptic Clues (doesn’t matter which one)? It’s just that I decided to finally find a better house for myself (The Lofty Tower) and it seems that suddenly all the good secret / clues Storylets have disappeared…

If it matters - I have 80 Watchful and 70 Persuasive. The others are too low to be bothered with. I have an access to the Forgotten Quarter, the Shuttered Palace and the University (although I almost have nothing to do at the University).

Thank you in advance, and sorry if this post belongs elsewhere.

It’s really not worth grinding for 4-card lodgings before becoming a Person of Some Importance. Speaking of which, you should really work on your Dangerous and Shadowy. Once you hit 100 you really can’t afford to focus on only one or two stats.

Oh, OK. I’ll wait until then.

Why? Is there some important storylines which require all the stats after getting to 100?

Yes. Becoming a Person of Some Importance requires 100 of each main quality. After that, areas tend to be mixed - a single area might have equally difficult stat checks in different qualities.

The university does have a pretty good source of Cryptic Clues once you get to Watchfull 110 or so, unless FBG has changed that since I was there (which was, admittedly, a very long time ago).

Alright, thanks for the answers!

Just an FYI, it’s cheaper to go with the bazaar permits option by grinding prisoner’s honey and trading up. You can also steal them directly with the “thefts of a particular character”