Secrets Framed in Gold (no spoilers!)

I think this storylet is a fate-only one, so I won’t go into details here. But if someone who’s played through it could PM me, I have a question about what I think is the final choice. The wiki doesn’t cover it past the part where you choose to sell the frame or find the Repentant Forger.

It is indeed a fate-only one. And you can PM me. I will say this though: Betrayal earns only tears.

I’ll add something. In my experience money is a better reward then obsession.

I have a question regarding this. I think I’m towards the end. I have a choice to believe the forger or ask him to take a final layer off. Is this similar to earlier choices, where if I sell it on I’m basically ending the storyline and missing out on anything further? Or is this the end of the storyline and certain choices might have consequences?

That is the final step of Secrets Framed in Gold. Choose carefully.

In the past, I’ve advised to follow your conscience - that there were no great mechanical differences between the options. This is no longer entirely the case - obsessively following the story to its merciless conclusion can, through a certain rare card, grant a special connection with the Bazaar that then ties into certain seasonal content. That said… I wouldn’t consider that content a must-have or anything; it’s still just one choice among many, that might be more relevant to your character, so I think you can still safely do what you think is right without worrying about missing out.