Secrets and Souls

This post will contain oblique spoilers for Secrets framed in gold, turn back now if you don’t want that.

[spoiler]So, I’ve just recently ended my acquaintance with a certain friend in the pursuit of knowledge. In the end, as he falls apart, I realized…I should be able to be more evil. When he’s at his weakest…I should be able to take advantage and get a monetary compensation as well.

I have a spirifer’s fork and a babbling madman in my home…shouldn’t I be able to profit?[/spoiler]

(As a review of the story itself…it’s amazing. I haven’t made it to the real finale with the opportunity card yet, but the emotional climax was absolutely amazing, even if it lost me something too.)

By chance do you have an echo of the ending you received my Good ser, er Madam, um whatever you are? I stopped after the original painting was mostly unveiled as I did not want to injure my friend anymore.

Not on my character, but I found one if you want it, I’ll pm it to ya

Thank you for the message. Cheers, to secrets framed in gold.