Second, Third and Fourth Chances on Opportunities?

A simple question. I know that you can use multiple ‘second chances’ on normal storylets, cancelling out if your first chance fails and then going back in to use another. But can you do the same on an opportunity-card? Or will backing out after the first attempt make it disappear?

Yes, you can do it on opportunity cards. This is, for example, pretty much the only way to succeed on the Unlikely Garden card in the Nadir, which even with stat-capped Persuasive and great equipment has a success chance of under 20%.

Thank-you for a prompt reply. I did not want to risk wasting a tasty opportunity by acting on the assumption that it DID work only to learn the hard way that it DIDN’T… but I’m glad it does. After all, save for Hastily-Scribbled Warning Notes, Second Chances are quite easy to come by, no?

Yes, they’re not too hard, although uncapped sources are rare. Receiving Christmas cards (at Christmas, obviously) is one of the best. All of them can be had with social actions, though Loitering to get Warning Notes isn’t great for everyone as it decreases Connected: Society and Making Waves.

I should mention that there are some cards that you lose when you Perhaps Not out of them, regardless of second chances. The rare Interpreter of Dreams card is one of them, as I discovered to my cost the other day when I changed my mind about which dream I wanted analysing. But actually I can’t remember if that is one that even has a Second Chance option (i.e. it’s not a luck check one).

I think it’s likely that any choice that requires a luck check can be Perhaps Notted out of without losing it - certainly this is possible with some, if not all, opportunity cards.

Any card that redirects you to another branch will be lost when you ‘Perhaps not’ and then back out.

Everything else should work fine I guess (although for options that include multiple checks (luck+shadowy for example), if you fail the luck check you cannot take advantage of the second hand.