Secluded address

I’m in need of a Secluded Address in my quest for a Yacht…but I’ve never come across them before and I’m at a loss how to find one…

Can anyone help?

I’d say the easiest way is to spam the &quotMr Page’s Educational Postcards…&quot action if you have access to the Labyrinth of Tigers.

I do but have only just started exploring… I’ll start spending some more time there, thankyou

Mind you, there’s a really slim chance to get it from that action (“A long shot” chance is… 10% maybe? Don’t remember exactly). But being a repeatable action means you can try it again any time you want.

I got mine by digging around the roots of my evil lily. It was pretty far along by then, so this won’t be quick if you aren’t tending to it already.

When do you need these in obtaining a yacht? I don’t remember ever needing them. (Also, the only way I’ve ever gotten them was from zailing, so that won’t help you)

I need five favours in high places for the gambling stake - and in the Bazaar Sidestreets its telling me I need a secluded address in order to create them…
My plant is nearly at 8 which may be too low, David Lombard?

You can also get Favours by converting up Stolen Correspondence or other Influence items.

Ah, and it looks like that was recently updated to also require a Secluded Address. A lot of the Sidestreets costs changed recently.

If you need Favours in bulk, and have some Great Game connections to spare, you’re probably better off using item conversions instead. (Stolen Correspondence->Intriguing Gossip->Compromising Document->Stolen Kiss->Favours in High Places)

Oh wow - I didn’t realise I could convert up Stolen Correspondence! Good news… :-)

Yes, I’d highly recommend you convert Stolen Kisses for your Favours in High Places. That luck check can be kinda mean, and even prior to this change getting Favours through conversion was more efficient than buying them in the Sidestreets.

On that note, good luck with getting your Yacht! ^^
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You can also obtain Favours from the private dinner party thing, though I’m not sure how efficient that is compared to item conversions. You can also get Favours as a weekly payment if you’re a midnighter.

Thankyou. The yacht will be mine!

Alcibiades has just got 3 Secluded Addresses from a late stage of the Big rat storyline, by ‘Advertise a spot of hunting’.He needed Connected with Society 15 to take that option.

Josiah still has a stock of Favours from his time following the Campaigner profession - before the recent revamp.
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I think I got some while I was investigating the Dilmun Club, but it was a while back and a little fuzzy…

In case this helps anyone searching, you get 2 Secluded Addresses when you bribe the Minister of Public Decency with 50 Foxfire Stub Candles when you’re working on a piece of art for the Empress. (Empress’ Court)