Seasonal Events

I’m curious, what is everyone’s favourite seasonal event and why?

Well, some are more profitable than others, so the poll is a bit of a giveaway in that respect! I love the additional art at Advent. Not terribly keen on elections, they’re way too fraught. But I enjoy the randomness of the Fruits of the Zee.

Hands down the Feast, while it’s mechanics are rather simple, I love the ability to send gifts to other players who I know or don’t know! (And the tattoos of course.)

Second to it is Neathmas, due to you getting a lot of things, plus the easy access to the Five-card households.
And the extra lore if you pay a little Fate!

I can’t decide!

I like Hallowmass, and I like the rewards, but it’s also stressful. I never participated in Hallowmass Classic. Fruits of the Zee is a little too mellow for me.

I think Sackmass has an unfair advantage, because it’s around for longer than 2 weeks and it has so many things going on. It’s really more like 3 different festivals: The advent calendar, the Days of Mr Sacks, and the Wicket. On its own I think the Days of Mr Sacks would rank pretty high for me, because of the uniqueness, and the pacing.

The Election is… unique.

All of the Festivals have become more tame of late, probably because FBG is busy trying to make the new interface work. But even so, I like the Election best, because it ends up being more than the game mechanics, as the players weigh in on the Forums about the various candidates! That’s fun.

The election. Yelling at people and getting paid for it, plus new lore on characters (except for Feducci).

And the memory of my seeking alt being immune to mobs because her deck was clogged with SMEN cards. “You can’t kill me, I’ll be dead tomorrow!”

Was looking at the Zee festival which was my first FL event, but Sackmass has a Noman!

Fruits of the Zee, because it doesn’t involve opportunity cards which you may get unlucky in the drawing of, and there is little or no RNG involved in getting wasted on Mutton Isle.

Hallowmass! It’s spooky, there’s new lore from the confessions that remind us of why all our favorite characters are Terrible People, and there’s new companions! It’s stressful as heck though, no denying.

After that probably Feast of the Exceptional Rose, because as said more companions!

I do enjoy playing with fishing on the Unterzee during the Zee Festival, at least for a little while. Nothing spices up a fishing trip like having to tame your catch afterward. With a tire-iron, if necessary.

The Advent Calendar was a delight, but the real warm and fuzzy feelings generated by gift-giving to other players, and getting them in return, makes the Feast of the Exceptional Rose tops. It’s the event that most conclusively demonstrates what an amazing player base Fallen London has. :-)

I prefer Christmas, because it lasts for about a month and most of this month is filled with gifts. Second comes the Fruits of the Zee, since it lacks and RNG and is simply fun. The election elicits interesting RP, but it can also cause anger… which is not the best of feelings. The Feast is fun the first time, then it requires Fate to appreciate. Hallowmass is a Notability grindfest now; the lore barely makes up for it. I felt happy simply because it was over.