Searching the Forums

Hi there, I’m relatively new to the forums, so for folks who’ve been here for a while, what are your best tips for searching the forums?

I particularly have trouble when I’m looking for particular keywords that aren’t in the title, and the search turns up very long threads with tens of pages. The keywords aren’t highlighted so I’d have to search within each page, and if there are that many pages I’d have to go through each of them one by one… is there a better way to do this?

By the way, my latest search was around trying to figure out why the date in Fallen London is exactly 122 years before ours :)

Use googe site search. The one here isn’t the best.

You’ll want to add this to your search
Which will keep the search within the forums.

As has already been mentioned, I just use Google with a restricted search.

I was, however, very interested by your other question so I did a little looking. Fallen London launched in 2009 which would be 1887 in Fallen London time. Alexis has a keen eye for detail so this is almost certainly a significant year in some way. Based on this list here I would say the most likely candidates are Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee or the first distillation of Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whisky.

However, if we assume that the original launch was intended to be in 2008 and the adjustment wasn’t changed during development then we get 1886 which just so happens to be 25 years after the death of Prince Albert which, in the world of Fallen London, was prevented by the Masters as payment, leading to the fall of the fifth city. That one’s a bit of a stretch though.

Gonna throw my two-cents and just, well, repeat what other’s have said- google will Indeed be your friend. Alternatively you can check things through the “Recent Topics/Posts tabs” and hope to drop on something you need.


Alternatively #2- If you have the time and patients, you can always do a manual search through the forums.