Search High, Find Lowe: A Hunt Ensues

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“Why would it be love?” Siobhan wonders, a little sharply. “Like as not he thought she could protect them.” Her jaw clenches a little. “Either way, finding her means finding them, perhaps, let’s do it.” We are taking too long, she frets inwardly. Elias needs us now.

Eglantine, meanwhile, looks to Maria. “There are enough of us to take both paths. What you saw of their movements, plus that trail - you and Drake, please take to tracking? Others can go to Miss L.”

(I have no idea where my favorite character lost her… I just did it to avoid… godmodding? Maria doing something lethally stupid?)[li]
Maria leads Drake to the place where she lost Passionario &quotHow are you able to find Eli… or Anton? And where did that paint come from? What is that Wanker intending… wait. Neddy men. The bazaar… why didn’t they take him there? Passionario is the enforcer of the bazaar. Or rather, he works for the ministry of property. But the bazaar makes more sense. Nobody attacks it, good places to hide, possibly quiet… just where… myśl Mario, myśl. Passionario może w każdej chwili zamordować Eliego. A tego byś nie przeżyła.
(Think, Maria, think. Passionario can kill Eli at any time. And you wouldn’t survive that.)&quot (OOC: Is Siobhan having a crush on Eli?)

Lamia can see the ripples spreading throughout the city. Movement on the rooftops, whispers in the shadows. The two children only confirm what she might have found out on her own. She leaves them in the care of her servants, and comes in person. It’s easy to find Eglantine’s search party. A group that size is hard to miss, and the tension in everyone’s body language is unmistakable.

There may be a reason Lamia shows up late to the search party. Maybe she was all the way across the city when the urchins were dispatched to find her. Maybe she took the time to make some preparations of her own. As it is, she looks dressed more for an evening in with wealthy friends than a man hunt: A brown fur coat over a black suit. A Clay woman accompanies her, looking somewhat more battle-ready. The Clay woman wears a loose cloak, which covers something flat and broad over her chest. Some type of armor, maybe.

&quotI heard Passionario abducted Mr. Lowe,&quot Lamia says, by way of greeting. &quotWhat’s our plan? Miss Maria, is your wolf trained in tracking?&quot

&quotMarshy… nigdy go nie trenowałam… nigdy dotychczas też nie miałam Psa&quot (No,he isn’t. I have no idea how to train him. Never had a dog before.) Said Maria, who was stuck in Polish due to becoming more nervous[li]

Maria collected herself &quotHe isn’t trained. And evwn if he was, do you have something he could sniff? And… we were told to hide you because you were endangered.&quot[li]

Lamia looks at Maria curiously. &quotMe? No. Not any moreso than usual.&quot

She signals to someone- or something- up near the roof tops. It turns out to be a white raven. The raven perches, briefly, on her shoulder. She whispers to it, and it takes off again, flapping vigorously.

&quotEuphony will help us search. It’s good to have a bird’s eye view of the city.

Passionario would have taken him to the Bazaar, wouldn’t he have? There is no place in Fallen London with better security. Not even the Embassy.&quot

“The smell of the burning might still be in there air… kkkkhra! Yes! Sprayed the place before fight with Blind One! Every thing in building was covered in spores. Can the mouse track that smell?” Ezekiel is brimming and seems a lot more organized with Lamia on the scene.

&quotStill… where EXACTLY? The bazaar is a big area. Who knows HOW big…&quot[li]

&quotDidn’t he try to get Mr. Lowe’s trial moved to the Spire-Chamber? And the court denied him. But no common court denies the Bazaar.&quot Lamia sighs.

&quotMiss Maria, Marshy might not be trained, but marsh wolves are very intelligent. Try to get it to smell the spores. I think it will understand what you want, if you explain. Even animals who don’t speak human languages tend to understand them, here.&quot

She turns to the rest of the group. &quotSplit up?&quot she suggests. &quotOne group for tracking, and one group for the Bazaar. Although, I fail to see what we can do once we get there. But it’s worth a try.&quot

“Does anyone here own any devices or instruments that are small, can make a loud noise, and are unpleasant to hear?”
“Factory whistles, miniature cornets, and other highly shrill devices?”
He turns to Maria. “Miss K, I think you can help a lot in this area.”
“Certain cloaked entities highly dislike such sounds.”

Flesh-Stick holds up his Half-Wild Mandrake and looks a question at Bert

“A Mandrake is a good idea, definitely.” (This may be the only time that exact sentence is spoken by anyone.) Eglantine shifts in place. “I know ways into the Bazaar. I’ve got in and out before, I can do it again.” They don’t generally mention that, since word getting out might be rather unfortunate. But for all their airs and graces, it’s not for nothing that they’ve been called a paragon of thieves. They know the ways into the Bazaar, among other places they were really not supposed to have gone.

Siobhan nods vigorously. “I’ve a Mandrake like that as well.”

*Flesh-Stick turns his head toward Siobahn and gives her a considering look. Had he not been wearing a mask, she might have been able to detect traces of lingering jealousy in the dead eyes behind it.

But only traces. Remnants. The time for feeling things is done. There is only a job to do and then rest. He gives her a nod, knowing that two half-wild mandrakes are better than one.*

Eglantine turns to a small, discomforting figure in oversized clothes. It’s either a very creepy urchin or a very small devil, but either way, there’s an alert expression meeting Eglantine’s gaze. “You know the sorts of things we’ll need. Will you get them?”

The Imp nods and hurries off.

((Man, if they succeed, are we going to have a rock-paper-scissors tournament over Eli or something? XD Because it sure looks like half this search party has a thing for him.))

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Flesh-Stick lights off an entire roll of firecrackers next to the OBVIOUS TRAIL OF YELLOW PAINT just in case Ezekiel missed it the first couple of times he pointed it out


&quotYes. Yes. Part of us will follow paint trail, use marsh cat to follow scent and narrow area. The others will comb the bazaar. Look for any sign of Blind One of his Neddies. Only they know where Ellie is.&quot

(( I actually don’t know entirely for sure where Eli is now… Only Passionario knows for absolutely certain… But I think, based on how he’s dealt with people in the past… Where he’d first want to stick him.

The Cage Gardens.

Also, there is clearly a love triangle going on here and holy damn, I never imagined I played Eli to be so loveable ))
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