Screwed up ToL, little help?

Long story short I’m aiming for the Spire-Emporium and need two more Taste, and realize Mr. Sacks Day 11 only gives out ToL if you are a notary or a doctor, which I am not. Day 12 is supposed to give one, so I’m one level short (if I decide to give up on the taste from Day 11). I researched a bit and I think I have three options, listed from my favorite to my least favorite:
Plan 1. I can try and change my profession to either Notary or Doctor. The day 11 card is in my hand right now, and if I’m not completely mistaken it won’t disappear or anything. I would need to give up my profession and just wait for the Unsigned Message. I would have to grind my Notability to 3 again though before Penstock’s closes. Would this plan work, or have I missed something?
Plan 2. Acquire Tears of The Bazaar. A presumptuous little oppoturnity would seem like my best option here, I need 5 bottles of Airag which can be found through unpredictable treasure. I could also head for the Cave of Nadir but the option in there would consume most of my ToL, so doesn’t feel like a good path to take.
Plan 3. Acquire a Dreadful Surmise. It seems like the only non-retired option is through the Mr. Eaten storyline which I have just started. It would also require Master’s blood, expensive silks and an impossible theorem, and I lack all of those.

I also have &quotthree&quot pails of snow, (1 in my inventory right now, 1 from the urchins if I decide to buy and 1 from the Day 12 card when that comes) but it seems like I have no use for those in this situation. I screwed up SotC too so right now I’m stuck at 7 which gives me 70% chance at succeeding with my semiotic monocle which ain’t that bad, but I would still need either Tears or the Surmise to raise my ToL to the needed 9.

Are these my only options, or is there secrets I’m unaware of?

Dreadful surmises are also available through several fate locked stories, but you are right, you do seem to be in trouble.

Perhaps try to get a royal beth room before the wicket closes?

(But plan 1 would work, plan 2 is a bad idea (slightly better using a non-nadir route), plan 3 is a worse idea if you’re going through the SMEN route)

Then again for plan 2, if you spend your ToL in the nadir, then use the buckets to rebuild your ToL, and then use the tears, that might work. might.
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Another option. When the Wicket opens, spend 2 ToL taking the air (or whatever the option was that only costs one point) to drop ToL down to 5. Then examine pails with a semiotic Monacle to raise ToL to 8. Then use Mr Sacks: Day 12 to bump it to 9. You do end up burning 2 ToL in the process but unless your spectacularly unlucky with your monacle examinations you should get there.

I’m pretty sure entering the wicket requires you to finish the 12 days of Mr. Sacks first.

Do you have 7 Fate or Favourable Circumstances? That will allow you to force draw An Unsigned Letter without hoping to get lucky.

Also note that switching professions doesn’t consume your Notability.

Thank you so much for your input, there were some secrets after all.

I think I will be an awful first-worlder and arrange for the favourable circumstance using my wallet to minimize the risks. I could try and grind for the Tears of the Bazaar after I get my lodgings, see if I could have gotten them before Penstock closes.

It does indeed. My bad.

Tears of the Bazaar costs 7 bottles of Airag rather than the five most such conversions do. I have just acquires by Vial of Master’s Blood and made that mistake quite a few times in the process to get all the Tears.