screeming map

ive got the left side of the screeming map. I still could not find how to get the right side of the screening map. I still only get The Disgruntled Naval Officer Comes Calling. I still could not get Someone from the Observatory Comes calling or the Masked Clayman Comes Calling. Please help.

You should be able to investigate in wolfstack docks. If you are waiting for the disgruntled navel officer, you need to wait for him to arrive before getting the other half.

The Disgruntled Naval Officer Comes Calling gives only left side maps(that I have 2). I read the wiki and when investigating the map in Docks I need to choose another path to get to the person(s) that will give the right side map. Can you recomend somewhere accesible to make lots of glim or zee stories please?

If you are a PoSI, you can get glim through unfinished business in the spite.

If not, You can exchange favours: docks for glim in &quotcall in favours at the docks&quot. Several cards, both conflict (caused by having large amounts of connected) and regular cards also give glim.
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Thanks for the help. What items from the bazaar gives dreaded? So I know what to buy.

The very expensive ones. It doesn’t sound like you are in a position to buy them.
But just in case: most of the expensive hats have dreaded.
The ratskin suit
Pair of kingscale boots

These ones you can get without money:
If you upgraded a goldfish over hallowmas you will want to use that. Otherwise, just see if you have any dreaded pets. Some of the free ones give dreaded.
If you complete the affluent photographer Storyline, which is repeatable and told through cards, you get a piece of clothing with dreaded.
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