Scraps and goats

So, here’s my question–how do you get the b$#%@y scraps? I’m really curious about some of the expensive items, such as the Starstone Denmark and etc, etc. I’m a bit of a collector. Has anyone managed to get enough scraps (680 or 3200) to afford these?

Also, does anyone have an Ubergoat? Does it provide scraps? The Overgoat does not provide scraps anymore.

Yes some players have the upper tier scrap items. It does take a long time to get them, though it was easier when most of the invite a friend from the surface options actually gave scraps. I’m still not sure why it was stopped. And having an Ubergoat doesn’t give a new card so you just have the regular Overgoat options on the card.

As to getting them now - all lodging cards provide them, in small quantities. (Edit to add not all lodgings have cards - the remote locations don’t and the upgraded 5 card lodgings don’t have their own cards either)
You can gamble your scraps when the various relickers turn up.
Also there is a card that only turns up in the Flit - if you trade favors with the urchins you get 20 scraps.
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[quote=lady ciel ]I’m still not sure why it was stopped.[/quote]Presumably because it’s a bad idea to give players an incentive to spam?

[quote= Flyte ] [color=#ffffff]Why did you stop giving Certifiable Scraps for inviting others from the Surface? Now I have no incentive to spam friends, acquaintances or my MP with thousands of emails![/color]

[color=#C2B280]Yes. Yes, indeed.[/color] [/quote]

Lodging cards are your best friends there. Gambling is, well, gambling, and that card in the Flit is useful but might be elusive when you really want it. I wish you the best of luck in getting all the scraps you need! I’m still working on getting the remaining 680 items I lack.

67 people that I know of have an Übergoat.

As near as I, or anyone else, can tell, it does not provide any actions on any card the Overgoat doesn’t.
However, that extra +10 to Watchful is imminently useful.