Scholar of the Correspondence?

Hello delicious friends. I have been kicked out of the University, banished from the Empress’ Court, all because I did not know the full consequences of my actions. However, I am now attempting to become a Correspondent, having risen from the ranks of Journalist to Authorial status. My Scholar of the Correspondence quality is at 7 from the Forgotten Quarter, but I cannot figure out a way to get any further!

My Solving Cases around London quality is 8, and so I don’t know if I can return the Solitary Glim-Sculptor’s work to him ever again. Is it possible I may just have to farm Bundles of Oddities in the hopes that I get something perilous?

Well, your options are essentially to either rely on luck (bundles of oddities/skin of the bazaar card), wait until Christmas (examine lacre with the Semiotic Monocle) or buy your way back into the university (donating 500 of each research type under organising your research). I would suggest the last option if you want it done quickly, though it is more expensive.

After meeting several requirements (ie check the wiki) you can embark on a scientific expedition to regain access to the university.

also, check the wiki for actions that raise Scholar of Correspondence

If you are inclined to spend fate, the Theological Husbandry extension includes a beast with a card option giving SotC up to 10. If you have Flute Street as well, a second beast with the same effect becomes available.