Scholar of the Correspondence

Hello, I’ve been trying to find a way to get this quality up and the only reliable way I can find is through &quotSeeking Curios etc&quot in the Forgotten Quarter, but that seems quite haphazard and takes up a lot of actions, with no real sense of direction. Is there another way?

Edit: Oh and I should add, I’ve been kicked out the University
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There’s an option when you’re writing symphonies at the Court, that gives you 1CP/Symphony up to level 10.

Once you are readmitted to the University after successfully completing your Voyage of Scientific Discovery, you will be able to gain SotC to 21 (though getting it that high is an adventure all its own). It is not an inexpensive endeavor, however, and so my advice is to Seek Curios until that maxes out at SotC 7 (which will also gain the occasional Eyeless Skull which you will need to open the Cave of the Nadir, if you haven’t done that already), then do the option at Court as suggested above (if you aren’t bounced out of there as well), then gain 10+ at the Uni.

Oh whoops, I am kicked out of court as well. Haha! Thanks either way

If you have fate to burn, investigations into a Theological Husbandry could add a couple of cards to the opportunity deck that would help raise it to 10 relatively painlessly.

Thank you all for your help! Please feel free to add me, if you’d like

At level 1, there’s a challenge (very modest at watchful 100), which gives you a point (and some other stuff) for two tickets.
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