Scholar of the Correspondence 10

Is there any route other than the university to get this quality up to 10? I want to become a correspondent but it is annoyingly expensive to get this quality up to 10. I’ve been banished from court already. Im currently sitting at 7 and even with a high watchful quality (225) its still expesnive and slow. Just wondering if there is a better way.

There’s a rare card you can flip in the Bazaar Sidestreets that will give you 1 CP (caps at SotC 10). Other than that, I think you need to spend Fate to get around the University grind.

If you get Correspondence Plaques in a Bundle of Oddities you can also get SOTC up to 10.

The Bifurcated Owl also has an option that boosts SoTC. Along with the Corresponding Ocelot, it’s how I got mine to ten.

Edit: I somehow failed to read the original post clearly, and didn’t see the bit about being banished from court.
Gonna leave my answer here for others who are in a similar situation but do still have court access. Sorry I couldn’t be much help, Luciferian56! :)

I created Symphonies in the Empress’ Court; selecting the Somewhat challenging music option when my symphony was complete.

There are various ways to raise your ‘Inspired’ to 24, but to build up my Inspired quality I chose Composition: The High Path. This action costs Prisoner’s Honey, which I gathered by Discuss philosophy whilst taking the air (under The life of the mind, also in the Empress’ Court.)

This provides me with Making Waves while I gather resources, and I gain a chunk of rewards at the end (including a little bit of Connected: Bohemian.)

WARNING: As you create Symphonies, you’ll increase your Carving out a Reputation at Court. When it reaches a certain point you’ll be approached by someone who &quotwants you to compose an opera so audacious that it will get you banished from the Empress’ Court: permanently, perhaps.&quot
DO NOT DO THIS THING, or else you’ll no longer be able to continue composing Symphonies or benefit from other things in court. Be sure to Refuse him when he offers, and get back to the task at hand. (You can safely Try to discover his reasons if you want to, but be mindful that it will increase Menaces so try not to let those get up too high or you will be significantly delayed in your efforts.)

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